Graduate Education

Graduate Certificate in Hypersonics

Hypersonics flight systems are at the forefront of modern national security,  transportation, and space exploration. In designing hypersonic vehicles, aerospace engineers face tremendous challenges associated with extreme aerodynamics, thermochemistry, advanced high-temperature materials, and rapid control. The Center for Hypersonics and Entry System Studies (CHESS)  is home to the Nation’s finest scholars in hypersonics research. CHESS, coordinates hypersonics research and education across The Grainger College of Engineering. This certificate is designed to provide students with the fundamentals of this multidisciplinary subject area, with attention to emerging topics and advances in hypersonic science and technology.

AE 480: Hypersonic Aerothermodynamics (4 credit hours)
AE 451: Aeroelasticity (4 credit hours)
AE 510: Advanced Gas Dynamics (4 credit hours)
AE 512: Molecular Gas Dynamics (4 credit hours)
AE 514: Boundary Layer Theory (4 credit hours)
AE 598: Planetary Entry (4 credit hours)
ME 598-KS: Dynamics of Gas/Plasma-Surface Interactions (4 credit hours)

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